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Counting Down to Corvettes at Carlisle

Fourteen days, ten hours, and forty-eight minutes until the largest Corvette event in the world…not that we’re counting, or anything!


Corvettes at Carlisle features more than 5,000 Corvettes and represents every single generation of Corvette ever produced. Not only are these ‘Vettes on display, but there’s burnout pits, a parade through Downtown Carlisle, and hundreds of vendors with anything you can imagine for you and your car!

Corvettes at Carlisle


While you can take the family and spend a day (or all three) walking the grounds and taking it all in, you’re also able to buy those body parts you’ve been looking for AND have them installed while you’re there! Don’t want to spend 4-6 weeks waiting for a painted piece you ordered online? Head on over to PA, pick it out and drive it home! Not sure you’re ready to drop the moolah on something you can’t see in person? Spend a few days drooling over all the goodies, take home all the flyers and business cards you find, check out the work of all the vendors, and make your decision from the comfort of your home!


Looking through the hundreds of vendors on the list of attendees, one happened to jump out at us. Our friends over at RPI Designs will be there, as always, and this year they happen to be offering an installation booth! Not to mention chocolate chip cookies! I mean, come on. Who can resist some homemade chocolate chip cookies?!


Look out Ferrari and Lambo, Mid-Engine C8 Rumored to Be Coming For You!

General Motors racing partner, Katech, is the latest responsible for a leak regarding a rumored mid-engine C8 ZR1. Before Corvette Racing decided to bring their Racing engines in-house, the engines were created by Katech. Until recently, it was discovered that Katech had a page on their website dedicated to the C8 ZR1/Zora LT5. This portion of the web page has since been removed, which makes us that much more curious!

Artist rendered sketch of rumored mid-engine C8 Corvette

This crumb of evidence from Katech’s website just helps to fuel other rumors we’ve heard regarding the C8 mid-engine being offered in the base ZR1 model, as well as the high-performance Zora trim-line.

Artist rendered sketch of rumored mid-engine C8 Corvette

Not only has Katech’s internet gaffe got the wheels in our mind rolling, but GM’s recent announcement for a $290 million investment into Corvette’s Bowling Green, Kentucky production facility has us giddy with excitement! It sure would take a lot of money, maybe $290 million even, to transform the production facility into one that’s capable of creating this mid-engine monster! We don’t know about you, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this game-changing rumor as we anxiously await this 2018 release!

Artist rendered sketch of rumored mid-engine C8 Corvette