NoviStretch Mask Offers Quick Protection For Your C7

It’s late July and the weather is beautiful. No chance for snow or sleet, and week-long streaks of no rain in sight. That C7 beauty has been out on the road plenty of times this summer, and is changing from a weekend driver, to a more daily driver, as the weather continues to cooperate. But with daily driving, comes daily wear and tear. That sleek front end can take a beating when faced with those bugs and rocks that come with both highway and back-road cruising. But who wants that big, bulky leather or vinyl bra that requires drilling and all sorts of hassle to install? Have no fear, we’ve found the perfect alternative!


NoviStretch Masks are a new, patent pending design that is 100% USA-Made, and requires NO drilling for install! Not to mention, they provide “hidden” hardware so you’re not taking away from the sleek design of that C7. They fit nice and snug to the contours of your car, and have no cutouts or seams that can scratch or damage your front end. These covers are made of a durable, synthetic stretch mesh material that allow it to breathe, while also protecting that finish on your car. This material makes for easy cleaning, and even easier storage when not in use! Weighing in around 1lb, this lightweight design can quickly be installed before a drive, removed when you’ve reached your destination, and discreetly stored right in your glove compartment! Try that with a vinyl or leather bra!


Live in a state that requires a front license plate? No worries, just mount the plate directly over top of the mask. Piercing the mask with the mounting screws doesn’t cause the fabric to “run” or tear. Have a modified front end on that puppy? No problem! NoviStretch masks are designed to stretch and fit just about any type of front end body modification.


We found these covers at RPI Designs and also Southern Car Parts for $159.00 on each site. These covers come with a 12-month warranty and have an expected lifespan between 2-3 years. Check ’em out! We don’t think you’ll be disappointed!


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