C7 Corvette Stingray Tip – How to Pop Your Fuel Door

Many C7 Corvette Stingray owners will, at one time, roll up to the gas pump and not be able to open their fuel door. I was on “E” and had to pull in to the local Sheetz to get gas before work. Well I get to the pump, hit the fuel door button, get out of my Stingray and to my surprise the fuel door is not open. I think “no problem”, I climb back into the car and hit the button again….still nothing. Now I get a little upset and start to pry the fuel door with my fingers, trying to get it open. After 3-4 minutes of not being able to open the fuel door and feeling like a moron, I casually get back into my Stingray and drive off…..praying I make it to work. After the 15 minute drive I roll into my parking spot at work, running on fumes. Before I start my day, I sit down at the computer and read up on this. Apparently I am not alone, this is a common problem/issue.

So here is the trick, or how to put gas in your Stingray….Take your key fob and from outside the car, lock the doors, then unlock the doors. Now hit your fuel door. It’ll pop open. GM put a locking fuel door in our Stingrays and you need to be smarter than the fuel door, which apparently I am not. I hope this little tip will save a few Stingray owners the same trouble that I had to go through to fill up my Corvette.

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