C7 Corvette Stingray Billiard Style Shift Knobs are a Great Way to Give your Vette that Retro Look

C7 Corvette Stingray Billiard Style Shift Knobs from RPI Designs are making a statement in the aftermarket. Many Stingray owners really hate the look of the factory shift knob. They hate the feel, the cheap look, the fact that when sun beats down the shift knob can really get hot. RPI Designs†has developed a solution to this “problem”. The billiard style shift knobs not only look great, but they do not get hot or cold….so never worry about a “hot” knob again.

Corvette C7 Ball Style Shift Knob

C7 Corvette Stingray Billiard Style Shift Knob

Dress-Up your C7 Corvette with one of our great looking shift knobs!
This “Retro style knob is the style that never gets old” is a direct fit for your stock or aftermarket shifter.


Z06 C7 Gear Shift Ball

C7 Corvette Z06 Billiard Style Shift Knob

This 2.25″ diameter shift knob fits on the OEM shifter and retains the OEM mount and chrome boot lip. As many know the OEM shifter has a unique mount (no threads, a slot on top and a screw to secure it). Universal or threaded knobs just donít work here. That is why we have a custom CNC billet adapter for correct, quick and easy installation. Once installed your shifter will not move ,rattle or twist. This adapter is exclusive to our shift knobs. The shifter is a solid inlaid material so the color will never wear or fade. This unique material will never get too hot or cold to touch.

C7 Shift Knob Billiard Style with Airbrushed Skull

C7 Corvette Airbrushed Shift Knob

Engraved 7 Speed Manual Shift Pattern.
Engraved STINGRAY Scripts.
Easy “do-it-yourself” installation, takes just minutes.

These gear shift knobs are available in many styles over a RPI.

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